We specialize in IELTS Teaching

"The IELTS School of Toronto" is a private ESL school that specializes in working with students who are preparing to sit the IELTS test. The school is located in Toronto, Canada, and is owned by the KrisEducation Group.

Fast Facts

  •   We use a strategy-based teaching approach, i.e. we show you where and how to find the answers in the listening and reading test, how to write IELTS essays, and how to answer IELTS interview questions.
  •   The most of our Students express their satisfaction for our IELTS Prep Programs, and 98% of students would recommend our School to their friends and family.
  •   Small classes provide an opportunity for IELTS students to receive individual attention.
  •   We offer a Satisfied-or-Reimbursed Policy. You have two weeks to decide whether our teaching approach suits your learning style. You are eligible to receive a 100% refund if you withdraw during the first two weeks of the course.
  •   Our IELTS Preparation courses will not only help you prepare for the IELTS test but also help you develop your skills in English speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as helping to develop your vocabulary and improve your grammar.
  •   No hidden fees, No registration fees.
  •   You gain confidence in your IELTS abilities through awareness-raising activities, reading and listening practice, writing and speaking exercises, and continuous feedback on your performance.
  •   Private and group classes are available morning (9 am - 12 pm), afternoon (12 - 3 pm and 3 - 6 pm), and evening (6 - 9 pm). Open on Saturdays too.

98% of our Students do recommend our Courses

Our Promise to You?

We will teach strategies that help you pass IELTS successfully!

Meet Our Academic Director, Kris.

About Kris

Kris is the Director of The IELTS School of Toronto.

  •   Kris has twenty three years of experience in ESL and IELTS teaching, in Canada and Europe.
  •   Kris has prepared over 3000 students to take IELTS in Toronto.
  •   Kris has trained over 1000 ESL teachers to teach IELTS in Canada.
  •   Kris has a University of Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching, a Masters and a PhD in English Language Teaching from Aston University (UK).
  •   Kris believes that every student can pass IELTS successfully when they are shown the right strategies, practice every day, and reflect on their mistakes
  •   "If you can't explain it simply enough, you don't understand it" - This quote best describes Kris' teaching philosophy.

You learn the right strategies.
You pass IELTS successfully.
It’s that simple!

Questions? Please feel free to contact us:

We are open for Registration:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 4.00 - 7.00 pm.
Tuesday/Thursday: 10.00 am - 12.00 pm.

Our Address :
20 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 430, 4th Floor. Toronto. M4P 1A9.

Strategies that help you Pass IELTS Successfully