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IELTS Listening Test Preparation Course

Duration : 4 Weeks
Attendance : Starts Monday 18th @ 6:00 PM
Recommended Level of English : Minimum IELTS 5.0
Fee : $288
Textbook Needed : None

Course Description

This course is suitable for Academic and General Training test takers who want to...

  • improve their IELTS Listening Band Score
  • learn to listen for a reason
  • learn to recognize distractors
  • learn to follow the speaker
  • learn how to complete different IELTS speaking tasks, such as sentence-completion, maps, multiple-choice, matching, table and diagram completion, and so on.
  • You complete 2 Listening Mock Tests during this course.

You complete a Speaking Mock Test during this course.

Date to be announced. If you complete the form below, we will email when you can join.

Interested in attending the listening test preparation course

Reasons to attend this Course

We show you how to prepare for what you are about to listen. Preparation is key to listening success

We show you what to do while you are listening to the tape. Listening for a reason is essential

No hidden fees
No Registration fee

Satisfied or Reimbursed Policy

Week 1

Class Focus:
1. Introduction to IELTS Listening Section 1.
2. Strategies to complete short-answer Questions.
3. Strategies to improve your Spelling Skills.
4. Strategies to complete Maps.
5. Focus on Spelling.

1. Further practice for short-answer Exercises.
2. Further practice for Spelling and Numbers.
3. Further practice for maps.

Week 2

Webinar Focus:
1. to IELTS Listening Section 2.
2. Strategies to complete Multiple Choice Questions.
3. Strategies to recognize distractors. 4. Note-taking.
5. Strategies to complete Table Completion Exercises.

1. Further practice for Table Completion Exercises.
2. Further practice for note-taking.
3. Further practice for Multiple Choice Questions.

Week 3

Webinar Focus:
1. Strategies to complete Notes/Forms/Summaries. 2. Strategies to complete Classifying Questions. 3.Use of Synonyms in IELTS Listening Test. 4. List of Academic Words that often appear in the IELTS Listening Test.

1. Further Practice for Note/Form/Summary Completion Exercises.
2. Further practice for Classifying Exercises.
3. Further practice for building a Bank of Synonyms.

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Week 4

Webinar Focus:
1. Introduction to IELTS Listening Section 3 and 4. 2. Strategies to label a Diagram. 3. Strategies to follow a lecturer: Use of Linkers in Academic Speech. 4. Completion of The IELTS Listening Answer Sheet (What not to do).

Complete a Mock Listening Test in 40 minutes.

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