Completing an exercise without reading instructions first.

Instructions tell you what exactly you have to do to complete a listening exercises. Therefore, it is very important to read and understand instructions before starting to complete an IELTS listening task.

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Trying hard to understand every single word.

There is no need to understand every single word the speakers say to get a 7.0 in IELTS Listening. You should only pay attention to the tape when the speakers give the information you need (i.e. mentions the key words).

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Listening without a reason.

Research shows that test takers who listen for a reason perform better in the IELTS Listening Test. It is, therefore, advisable to identify the reason for listening for each single question.

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Writing down the wrong information.

In Section 1 of the IELTS Listening Test, speakers often give some inaccurate information before mentioning the right answer. After writing down each answer, make sure the speakers do not contradict the information.

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Writing down the wrong alternative.

Speakers usually mention word by word the wrong alternatives in multiple choice exercises and use synonyms for the right answer. Test takers can be easily distracted by the wrong alternatives as the same words are used both in the question and recording.

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Missing a number of answers because they are stuck in a particular question.

Test takers do not get the answer for a particular question (e.g. Question 23) and miss the answers for the other questions (e.g. Questions 24, 25, and 26) as well.

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Writing the right Answer in the wrong place.

A number of test takers are penalized because they hurry when they complete the Answer Sheet and, as a result, write the right answer in the wrong place. That is to say, they write the answer for Question 15, for example, in the line reserved for Question 16.

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