The Important Numbers

3 Passages
40 Questions
60 60 Minutes
There is no additional time given to transfer the answers into the Answer Sheet in the IELTS Reading Test. Invigilators will collect your IELTS Answer Sheet after 60 minutes
Sentence Completion
True/False/Not Given
Choosing Headings
Multiple Choice

Headings and True/False/Not Given seem to be the most challenging types of reading exercises for most test takers


IELTS Reading (AC) texts are taken from different academic journals published in Canada, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. A total of 2,150—2,750 words is used in all three reading passages.

IELTS reading test only assesses your reading skills. Knowledge of the subject discussed in an IELTS text does not influence your IELTS Band Score.


. 1 point per right Answer
. Spelling is checked
. Both USA & British spelling are accepted
. Grammar is checked
. Capitalization is not checked

There is no negative marking in IELTS. Hence, if you do not have an answer, guess!
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