Giving simple answers to simple questions.

During Part 1, the examiner asks a number of simple questions, such as “Do you work or are you a student?”, to make you feel at ease. It is wrong to give simple answers to these questions as the examiner assesses everything you say.

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Answering the question without understanding it.

If the examiner asks you about a certain thing and you give an answer which is not related to the question (most likely because you did not understand the question), the examiner will penalize you.

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Too much hesitation.

Taking long pauses to find the words to express your thoughts will lower your score in Fluency & Coherence and Lexical Resource.

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Memorizing whole sentences.

IELTS examiners are trained to recognize answers that are prepared in advance. You will score 0 if the examiner suspects that you have memorized your answers.

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Not being willing to give details.

Examiner’s Question:    What kind of food do you like to eat?
Test taker’s answer:    Mainly Italian food.

Although the test taker is answering the question, he/she is not giving enough details. You should avoid giving short answers during the IELTS speaking test.

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Not telling the truth during Part 2.

It is strongly recommended that test takers describe their own life experiences during Part 2. If they tell the truth, they only have to think of how to describe their memories. When they lie, in addition to the language, they will also have to think of what lie to tell next. This is too much pressure on their brain!

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Speaking incoherently.

If you do not organize your ideas logically and/or properly link them to each other, you will score LOW in Coherence & Cohesion.

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