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During the one-on-one class, you will learn the reading and listening strategies (where and how to find the answer), as well as the writing and speaking strategies (i.e. how to write the essay, and how to speak academically). You can either attend the class online - from the comfort of your own home – or at our school (i.e. near Yonge and Eglinton, Toronto) One-one-one IELTS training classes last for two hours, and they cost $120 ($60 per hour). Depending on your needs, you can have one session (i.e. two hours of training), 10, or 30 sessions.

Lessons to fit your needs and schedule.

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This is how it works:

Choose either face-to-face or online sessions

Choose the skill you want to improve

Suggest a date and time that works for you

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Once we receive your request for an IELTS tutor, we contact you to schedule a class

Benefits of one-on-one IELTS teaching:
  • It offers personalized attention
  • You have frequent oral and written feedback
  • It provides customized learning tailored to you
  • You can choose where and when to have the lesson
  • It helps build your self-esteem
  • It increases your ability to manage your time in IELTS
  • It improves your attitude towards the IELTS test
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