Privacy policy

"The IELTS School of Toronto" acknowledges that personal privacy is a very important issue. We support the protection of internet privacy as required under Canadian legislation.
This web page clearly defines the kind of personal details which are asked for when you access our website, and also how this information will be used. Personal information

Personal information

Any private details which you give through the website, such as your name and address, will remain totally confidential, their use restricted solely for the purpose defined on the website. We will never sell, trade or license the personal information you provide to any third party. In addition, we never give personal information provided by our website users to direct marketing companies or similar organizations.

Activity Logs

All requests for gaining access to our web content is automatically logged on the system. This includes the users IP address, a normal procedure within web service technology and, as stated previously, we only make use of this data for the purpose of improving the functioning of the website itself through technical diagnosis and problem-solving, as the need arises.


Cookies are a standard feature of web pages. They are used as a means of recording which web pages are accessed and when and how this takes place.The procedure of obtaining data is important because it helps in the improvement of functioning and the quality of service we are able to offer our web users. By this means we are able to continually improve our users online experience. The information we gain through the use of cookies has the sole purpose of providing a better service to users of our website. These cookies do not allow access to a user's computer. Neither do they uncover any information beyond that which you choose to share with us through web forms or other similar inputs. Usually, web browsers are designed to automatically accept cookies, but it is perfectly possible to modify your browser to refuse or question cookies should you wish to do so