Some of the strategies you will learn during this course:

Listening Strategies

  •  How to listen for a reason.
  •  How to recognize and eliminate distractors.
  •  How and when to take notes.
  •  How to follow the speaker in Section 3 and Section 4.
  •  How to improve your spelling skills.
  •  How to get used to British, Australian, New Zealand Accent.

Reading Strategies

  •  How to read for a reason.
  •  How to recognize primary and secondary key words.
  •  How to select a word (that is not paraphrased) to skim and scan the text for.
  •  How to perform Arabic Reading.
  •  How to identify the “table word” - i.e. the word that gives away the answer.
  •  How to deal with new words.
  •  Time-management strategies.
  •  How to use your background knowledge to guess the answer.

Writing Strategies

  •  How to avoid writing off-topic.
  •  How to generate ideas.
  •  How to write a Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences.
  •  How to write focused body paragraphs.
  •  How to write a coherent essay.
  •  What to do to avoid grammar mistakes.
  •  How to use an appropriate tone and style to complete IELTS writing tasks.

Speaking Strategies

  •  How to answer IELTS Interview Questions.
  •  How to use advanced grammar structures in your speaking.
  •  How to use low-frequency words (i.e. words not commonly used in everyday speaking) in your speaking.
  •  How to organize your long-term speech.
  •  What to do if you have no ideas in Part 2 and Part 3 questions.
  •  How to paraphrase.
  •  What to do to avoid hesitation.
  •  How to use rhythm, intonation, and contrastive and emphatic stress.
  •  How to deal with stress and anxiety.
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