Writing Task 1 (Academic) Assessment

Task Achievement The test taker has covered the task requirements, although with too much unnecessary detail at times. For example, the test taker covered the main changes that took place in 2000 in paragraph 2. and there was no need to refer to year 2000 again in paragraph 3

TO IMPROVE: The test taker needs to read and follow the task requirements without adding unnecessary details. There are 226 words in this response and this could have a negative effect on the time needed to complete the whole writing test.
Coherence and Cohesion This is generally effective throughout the task. However, there is overuse of cohesive devices within a sentence which causes confusion. For example, the test taker used “meanwhile” and “while” in the last sentence of paragraph 2 to describe two ongoing trends. This has the effect of confusing the reader.

TO IMPROVE: The test taker needs to pay attention to the use of “meanwhile” which has been employed both excessively in paragraph 2 and inappropriately in the concluding sentence. “Meanwhile” is used in English to describe an ongoing situation which is taking place in relation to another, or others. It should not be used in the same sentence with the other similarly functioning linker “while”. In addition, it should not be used to summarize in a concluding sentence where the reader expects closure.
Lexical Resource The test taker used a wide variety of lexical items; however, many have not been used appropriately. For example, he used the adverb “dramatically” to describe a two-point movement over five years and “significantly” to describe a four-point movement over the same period of time. Similarly, the verb “plummeted” is used incorrectly in the second sentence of the conclusion.

TO IMPROVE: The test taker should revise the use of appropriate vocabulary, particularly adverbs and adjectives of movements, to describe graphs.
Grammatical Range and Accuracy The test taker has attempted a variety of grammatical structures, not always successfully. There are problems particularly with past perfect which has been used instead of the more appropriate simple past. In terms of punctuation, overuse of the comma in making sentence too long is the main problem. There are also examples of inappropriate use of articles (such as “the Canada”).

TO IMPROVE: The test taker should use simple tenses to describe graphs, tables or charts of this type. There is no need for complex tenses. Additionally, the test taker needs to write shorter sentences and avoid the overuse of commas.

Did you know?

Students who register for the Academic Writing Task 1 course receive detailed feedback on:
1) an introduction
2) a body paragraph
3) a conclusion
4) a full Task 1 essay

Writing Task 1 Band Score

Band 6.5
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