Starting to write without first understanding the graphic in your introduction.

If you cannot read graphs, tables, pie charts, or diagrams it is very difficult to complete Task 1.

Starting to write without reading and understanding the instructions.

Task 1 Question requires you to do something (e.g. describe, compare, contrast, and so on). If you do not pay attention to task requirements you will score LOW in Task Achievement.

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Not writing an overviews.

If you write a poor overview or do not write an overview at all you will score LOW in Task Achievement.

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Copying three or more consecutive words from the question.

If you copy and paste three or more consecutive words from the IELTS question you will be penalized.

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Not using figures to support your claims.

Whenever you describe a trend in the body paragraph (e.g. increase, decrease) you should also mention the amount of change and the time when that happened.

Example: The number of international students attending
George Brown College increased to 6,700 in 2015.

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Giving too much information.

Look at the given graph. It is wrong to describe individual segments, such as “decrease from point C to D”; “increase from point D to E,” and so on. You should describe trends only.

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Not writing a conclusion.

Your writing Task 1 should have:
. An introduction
. One or two body paragraphs
. A conclusion

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