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Starting to write without first understanding the essay question.

If you do not understand the essay question(s)
it is very difficult to complete Task 2.

Learn to understand essay questions

Starting to write without first reading the task instructions.

Task instructions show you what type of essay to write.
Therefore, they are very important and you should read them carefully.

Learn to read instructions properly

Starting to write without first gathering ideas.

If you do not have ideas it is very difficult to complete the task. Therefore, brainstorming for ideas before starting to write is essential.

Learn to gather ideas for your essay

Writing long body paragraphs.

If you write only two body paragraphs you need to write 90 to 100 words per paragraph and describe more than one idea per paragraph. Long paragraphs do not work very well for the IELTS
Task 2 because they are not usually very coherent.

Learn to write short body paragraphs

Overusing linkers.

While it is a good idea to use linking words to link ideas and paragraphs, test takers will be penalized if they overuse linkers.

Learn to use linkers accurately

Introducing a new idea in the conclusion.

You should list the main ideas and major details discussed in your essay in the conclusion paragraph. You shouldn’t introduce any new ideas!

Learn to write a conclusion paragraph

Not proof-reading the essay.

You should spend the last five minutes of the essay to proof-read
your writing. If you don’t, you will score LOW in Grammatical Range and Accuracy.

Learn to correct your common mistakes
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